SAP Technology consulting / SAP HANA consulting / performance tuning and benchmarks

Our experience goes back to SAP R/3 3.1, since then we performed all kind of migrations, upgrades, EHP installations and S/4 conversions. We cover almost all SAP supported RDBMS systems (Oracle® RDBMS from 7.x to recent, DB2 8/9/10, SAPDB/MaxDB, SAP Sybase ASE 15/16, SAP Sybase iQ). And we started working on early prototypes of SAP HANA, when it didn’t even had that name assigned.

We’ve done performance tuning and benchmarking (SAP SD, SAP BW 4 HANA) over years, from the early days of SAP R/3 on.

Cloud consulting / infrastructure consulting

Our baseline wrt cloud is: „There is no cloud, it’s just some other dude’s computer, in that dude’s data center!“. No matter how that thing is called (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and no matter how it is provisioned (SW defined network/storage), at the end of the day there is an infrastructure underneath. And the through-out understanding of the application and it’s utilization of that infrastructure is what makes the performance, and the lack there of, respectively. Inter-connectivity, latency and through-put do still matter – even more, in a ‚cloud environment‘ then in a pure on premises deployment. We have experience in a number of cloud environments – the well-know, and the ’not so well-known‘, and with a number of virtualization technologies (like PowerVM, KVM and VMWare).

Design and Development

We have a vast experience in C, C++ and Java in the area of distributed programming – from pure UDP/TCP up to RPC, Corba and SAP RFC – on a a variety of *NIX operating systems. From AIX over Solaris to Linux (from the VERY early days) and BSD, we’ve worked on large scale systems down to embedded devices. We have a deep understanding of scripting languages (perl, python, bash) and SQL. So, if it’s not a Windows graphics card driver, we might be able to help you…

The Company

Behind Argos IT Consulting you’ll find a network of people, and we’re working in close cooperation with our friends at Disp+Work (www.dispandwork.com). The company was founded after some issues in my former company.

The company was named in reminiscence to Argos (Anton von den Lippwiesen), a 42kg, 74 cm height, proud Hovawart dog, who changed our life significantly. We remember his love and loyalty, which went far beyond that of a lot of human beings, as I recently had to figure again, even-though he was a challenging character some times.

Anton von den Lippwiesen - Hovawart Dog
Argos – Anton von den Lippwiesen


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